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About Us


HD Solutions has been in the streaming market for over 10 years, its founder Batista bet on something that was unimaginable at the time: live streaming. The company emerged from someone already inserted in the television environment, with experience in broadcasters and who contributed with their knowledge, adapting to the area of transmission and events.

Our differential is to seek 100% customer satisfaction and delivery in an agile and safe way.  We always work with equipment redundancy, ensuring the availability of processes and equipment. Our aim is to bring what is most modern and practical so that it fits the customer's needs in their live broadcast. Whether remote, hybrid or 100% face-to-face.

We understand the real demand of the customer to meet and match their expectations, in addition to broadcasting, we have our own platform for transmission , fully customizable for each customer, being a differential for what each customer is looking for.

the founder

Batista is an entrepreneur in the technology sector who became notable as the founder and CEO of HD Solutions, with experience in video production focused on online content in companies such as Netflix (acting as project coordinator), MTV, Youtube, Google and SBT.  In addition to working on projects for brands such as Santander, Renault and Boticário.


With his perfectionist profile, he is always up to date in the high technology market and willing to put his knowledge into practice.

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