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HD Solutions Platform

Whitelabel platform, 100% responsive, customizable and secure, ideal for what you are looking for.
To elevate your business and reach your customers from wherever they are at your digital events. The HD Solutions platform offers reliability, interactivity and security, ensuring, with high technology, a customizable environment with private access.

Interactivity and registration

With interactivity, access reports and a perfect environment for your monitoring and full control of the event.

Collection of data and information, using engagement tools (surveys, forms and polls)

High tech

Broadcasts of corporate events, lectures, workshops, seminars and training with a high-tech structure for every need. With our streaming technology you can broadcast multimedia in 4K for Shows, Webinars, Distance Learning Courses and much more!


Private access controlled with login and password.

Transactional and Networking

Communication via email and SMS. Moderated interaction chat.

unique url

Customizable for digital, hybrid or 100% remote events.


Customized with visual identity.


Integration with video conferencing platforms (Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook).


Virtual assistance for user assistance.

parallel rooms

Main room and live streaming at the same time.

simultaneous translations

Several channels to serve the public.

content storage

Create a folder and get more views.

virtual audience

Integrate the face-to-face with the virtual essence.

integrated audience

Virtual audience integrated into the livestreaming screen.

Commercial videos in chat

Humanize the company or share supporters during the event broadcast.

+ Audience

excellent quality equipment, transmission of demand in a clear, objective and credible way.

+ livestreaming

4K multimedia streaming and recording.

+ Results

real-time audience results.

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