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success cases

Evento Tdex  apresentação musical
Evento de transmissão de video do Santander
Evento Remoto do  Femme 4 pessoas remotas
Pronunciamento de abertura de evento da Hebraica
Evento remoto da Claro . Oscar Schimit  de um lado e sua apresentaçao no outro quadro
Palco apresentaçao musical na Fiesp
Fabiana Scaranzi apresentação de conteudo em video
Apresentaçao de Evento da SpringPoint
Conversa entre  cinco pessoas evento do Santander
Apresentaçao em palco  evneto da Saint Gobain
Evento Remoto da Progen. Pessoa falando remotamente
Apresentação teatral Bibi Ferreira
Leonardo Garcia

Global Program Manager

YouTube (Google)

“My experience with HD Solutions has always been way above expectations. We have been working together on challenging projects for over 7 years. From broadcasts of live shows to projects lasting more than 10 days with 24 hours of active content, such as the Auto Show. Quality excellence, professionalism and an extremely experienced and human team make HD my choice for highly complex projects.”

Priscilla Jolie

Digital Leader | WWF-Brazil

Event: Earth Hour, March 2020 and 2021

“The experience with HD Solutions was a 10! If I could define it in a few words it would be: Innovative, Professional and Careful. The team was very available, offered solutions to our demands, held a very professional event and met what we needed and our expectations in the final result. Thank you, HD Solutions!”

Samuel Gasman Filho

Head of Innovation | course Brazil

Event: Claro's Retail Talks, July 2021

“We hired HD Solutions for the Claro event and it was a disruptive milestone. In short, it was a SUCCESS! The entire process was extremely organized and the result was exciting for everyone. I thank HD Solutions for the partnership and efficiency at Claro's Varejo Talks event, broadcast on 5G throughout Brazil.”

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