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Our services

Live broadcast

HD Solutions is a pioneer in online broadcasting since its foundation in 2009. We always bring to our customers the most innovative and reliable so that transmissions are safe and meet all expectations. We have a highly qualified professional team to meet any type of situation and demand, in addition to capturing and editing the material, if required by the client. We work with three types of online (live) events.

In person

We take our team, equipment and set up all the structure that the client needs, we do all the configuration and operation and transmission of your event. Our differential is state-of-the-art equipment, highly trained staff, redundancy in all aspects and our own internet provision to ensure that your event goes as planned without any surprises.

100% remote transmission

HD Solutions is constantly updated and has adapted to the new times and also provides the option of holding your event 100% online for everyone's convenience and safety. Whether it's a meeting, concert, seminar, webinar, conference or even a trade show, you can do it completely online.

Hybrid Transmission

Mixing face-to-face and remote transmission, where fewer people and equipment are needed on site, configurations and executions are all done online and remotely.


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